'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' Release Date, News: Mac And Linux Set For Late 2016 Release

Jon MendozaSep 22, 2016 10:36 AM EDT
Square Enix/Deus Ex Mankind Divided

In line with Square Enix's "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided," details on the game's release date for Mac and Linux have surfaced.

Feral Interactive announced that they are set to release native Mac and Linux versions of Square Enix's cyberpunk action role-playing game in the latter part of 2016, as per Rock Paper Shotgun. While the studio has yet to announce the exact release date, it revealed that the system requirements for the aforementioned platforms were closer to launch.

In terms of specs, the game's Mac version will reportedly utilize Apple's Metal graphics API. The Linux version may either use Denuvo DRM or Vulkan, its graphics API counterpart.

According to Game Spot, the game's Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC versions were released on Aug. 23 and the game got a rating of 8 out of 10 in its reviews.

In a statement, as cited by the publication, game reviewer Edmond Tran said that the game refined and reinforced the defining foundations of the series and it created challenging situations and gave players the tools and flexibility to deal with them in various ways, all within an absorbing cyberpunk world.

"Although not a significant departure from Human Revolution, Mankind Divided is still a uniquely fulfilling experience, one which feels rare in games today," Tran said.

Players will also be able to play "System Rift" as the first DLC update for "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided." In the game, players will see Adam Jensen and Frank Pritchard working hand in hand searching for details about the mysterious Santeau Group.

Initially released on Aug. 23, "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" is currently available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

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