Debuting Artist Rafael Releases First Single "You Are"

Marcus Lundin Aug 21, 2018 12:59 AM EDT
RAFAEL/FOR HIS GLORY ENTERTAINMENT Cover for Rafael's 2018 debut single "You Are."

New recording artist Rafael on Monday released his debut single and music video, "You Are." The Dallas-based artist's first offering is co-written with Randy Jones, Senior Pastor of Dallas's Burning Bush ministries, and is currently going for adds at Christian CHR and Christian Hip Hop radio outlets.

Talking about the story behind his debut radio single, Rafael says it is a message about God's love for all mankind.

"God loves everybody and that's a message I want this new single - and all of my music - to say to the world," he explains. "I thank God for showing me my purpose in life, which is to share my music and the message of God's love with everyone."

Nicknamed Rafael, he was born Bryan Cabrera and was raised by a single mother along with his younger brother in L.A., but later relocated to Dallas. He says not knowing his father created a void in his life, along with a loneliness and searching that led to depression.

When Rafael started working out at a local gym, he encountered Jones who told him about Jesus and encouraged Rafael to allow God to be the Father he longed for. Coming to know God's love and believing that God has a purpose for him changed Rafael.

After two years of being Christian and taking part in discipleship study, Rafael felt the call to tell others about God and started dreaming about performing on stage. Together, Jones and Rafael began collaborating musically, leading to Monday's release of "You Are."

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Click below to watch the official music video for "You Are," or click here to watch it on YouTube:

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