DC Talk Reunion Tour? TobyMac, Newsboys & Audio Adrenaline on One Tour

Matt LloydMay 10, 2013 04:46 PM EDT

First off, let me be very clear, this is strictly an opinion piece with to NO confirmed reports to back it up. 

This is simply the DC Talk fan in me, writing on what could be. 

Most people around Christian music in the 1990's up to today would have to admit that DC Talk completely revolutionized Christian music and set the standard that still remains today of the biggest and most influential Christian band.   

They pushed the envelope on musical boundaries, live performance, stage design, and trends in the culture they were living in.  

DC Talk worked hard to be relevant, in music and style, while still keeping their Christian faith at the forefront.  Hence there name "Decent Christian Talk". 

Jesus Freak was their masterpiece album together, with cross-over mainstream radio hits like, "Just Between You and Me" and maybe the most recognizable song in Christian music still with their title track "Jesus Freak".  

DC Talk sold about arenas on their "Free at Last", "Welcome to the Freak Show" and "Supernatural" tour and had a presence and a magnetism about them that drew fans in that hasn't been duplicated in the Christian music scene since.  DC Talk was the Christian music industries, The Beatles.  

Even though DC Talk hasn't released an album since the 1999, all three members have found their way back to the top of Christian music.

TobyMac, the brainchild of DC Talk, has been the one to never miss a step.  He went right in to his solo career and has been topping the Christian music charts for more than the last decade as a solo artist and performing live with his Diverse City band.  

Michael Tait went on to form the Tait Band, released records and did touring for a few years but eventually the band split up.  After awhile of not doing music, Tait eventually landed the singing gig of another one of Christian musics most popular and long standing bands, Newsboys, and has been singing with them now for a few years.  

Lastly, Kevin Max released a few solo records and always kept writing his books and poetry, which was always very important to him.  Max has seemed to have the longest journey since DC Talk ended, but just last year he landed the singing role of another long standing Christian rock band, Audio Adrenaline, as their original singer Mark Stuart had voice problems and could not perform anymore.

So to get to my point of this very brief history of the guys in DC Talk, I think that a reunion tour could really excite Christian music right now. 

This clearly is not something new, and has been brought up by several others, but it is fun to think about!

It would hands down be the biggest tour of the year with TobyMac, Newsboys and Audio Adrenaline all on tour together playing shorter sets and then Toby, Michael and Kevin would come out and close the night with a set of DC Talk songs. 

This tour would easily sell out arenas and could potentially do stadiums depending on how many shows they would do.  

I think fans who used to like DC Talk and haven't been to a Christian concert in 10 years would buy tickets along with all of the Christian music fans of today. 

Clearly all of the guys still have their singing chops, so it would just be a matter of the will of all of them to make it happen. 

What do you guys think?  Would you buy a ticket to a DC Talk Reunion Tour?

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