DC Talk Music Video Coming From TobyMac? Kevin Max Reveals Picture on Set of 'Love Feels Like' [PICTURE]

Justin SarachikSep 25, 2015 03:42 PM EDT
Facebook: Kevin Max

Kevin Max revealed a Christian music bombshell on his Facebook by basically confirming DC Talk will be appearing in a music video.

"Shot a video for a certain band I'm a member of, that's been in hibernation for a decade or so.... this is the director & Sir Gabe Patillo who helped me remember the lyrics to 'what love feels like," Max said on Facebook.

Kevin Max
(Photo : Facebook: Kevin Max)

"What Love Feels Like" is a new track off of TobyMac's album This is Not a Test, and features Toby, Max, and the Newsboys' Michael Tait all together for the first time in around a decade. And for the maybe misinformed follower of Christian music, those three were together for around 10 years as the group DC Talk. The group's last record was 1998's Supernatural.

They have appeared on a couple of songs after that, September 11th memorial's "Let's Roll" and TobyMac's "Atmosphere" on Diverse City.

Watch the lyric video below:

Here's what BREATHEcast had to say about the song:
"we have the song music fans have been waiting for for over a decade. "Love Feels Like" reunites dc Talk – yes, Toby, Mike, and Kevin. The three sound like they haven't missed a beat. "Love Feels Like" is the equivalent of closing your eyes and imagining what dc Talk 2015 would be like. Michael Tait opens the song, Toby explodes on the chorus, and Kevin Max shines on the second verse. They even throw back to old school dc Talk by having monologue mixed into the song. The possibilities of hearing this song live with all three members will definitely be hyping people up until it happens."

Read the rest of TobyMac's This is Not a Test album review here.

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