Gospel Artist Darwin Hobbs Losing Weight with Success - 70 lbs down

Silvia HrabkovskaAug 28, 2012 10:43 AM EDT

Gospel artist Darwin Hobbs and his wife Traci are losing weight with a great success.

Darwin and Traci Hobbs are inspired and trained by their trainer Lorenzo Everhard. The couple took wellness and weight loss seriously and exercised hard. Previously Hobbs tweeted, "Up at 6AM ON SAT for WORKOUT with @traineverhard.. YES IM MAD! :) "

The hard work however brought its result as Darwin Hobbs already lost 70 lbs, and his lovely wife Traci lost 48 lbs.

Hobbs keeps his fans and tweeter followers inspired as he updates the result of his new lifestyle, "70lbs down... Thanking God for newness of life! In hot pursuit of WELLNESS!"

From Hobbs' updates and photos it's obvious that the couple looks healthier and even more attractive.

Did Darwin and Traci Hobbs inspire you too?

Photo: Darwin Hobbs and trainer Lorenzo Everhard.



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