Darkness Divided's Fate has Been 'Written In Blood'; Band Uses Metalcore to Convey Message of Hope in Salvation [INTERVIEW]

Justin SarachikSep 30, 2014 02:40 PM EDT
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Christian Metalcore band Darkness Divided took some time out to answer questions for BREATHEcast. They spoke about their debut full length album Written In Blood, their mission as a band, and sharing the stage with UnderOath and Haste the Day.

BREATHEcast: Darkness Divided comes from Genesis 1:4. How do you guys hope to separate the light from the darkness with your music and to your peers?

Darkness Divided: This band was formed and continues to be a band to try and provide hope to people when they are going through something. We know that when things go wrong or when people are going through something, they many times feel alone. We encourage people to abandon that mindset and to find solace in knowing that there is love and there is a God and there are people who love and care for them.

BC: I read you guys started as a worship band. How do you make the jump to metal, and did you guys face any opposition in making that change?

DD: We just all started really enjoying metal music more than any other kind. We love playing it, so we just kinda went with it. Our Church and others were really supportive of it. There isn't a lot of Christian Metalcore bands in San Antonio but after a year or so of playing shows, we really felt like people came around to it.

BC: Your album Written In Blood was released on August 19. What has the response been like so far and what are you looking to establish or accomplish with this first full length?

DD: Great! Our goal was to just try and get as many people possible to listen to our record and find some kind of encouragement from it. We have tours planned for the rest of the year to push it. Every show people have been singing or getting into the music which has been pretty surreal to us. It's been a blessing to see people stoked about what we are doing.

BC: How has the album grown off of what you guys did on Chronicles?

DD: I think Written In Blood is miles ahead of Chronicles. Musically, Written In Blood has a lot more to offer. Its more melodic, it's heavier, and the song writing is more structured for Written In Blood. Lyrically I feel like as I grow in my faith and in age, the songs mean more to me and others. We were all pretty young when we did the Chronicles EP. It has a special place in our heart, but Written In Blood is a big step up from it.

Darkness Divided
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BC: Is it difficult as a young Christian band to avoid temptation and struggles while on the road?

DD: I think the hardest thing is to remain positive when things go wrong. Recently we have had thousands of dollars in van troubles, which financially is hard to manage. However whenever we see someone and talk to someone who has been touched by our music, or is just having fun at a show, it's always worth it.

BC: Do you feel people open up to Christianity better through metal? Why do you think music can cross those barriers even though they may not believe in religion?

DD: Music is a universal thing. There isn't a person I've met that just doesn't like music. When you are at a show and someone likes your band, they are more willing to listen to what you have to say. I believe that's because we have something in common, which is similar interest in metal music. Encouraging people is heavily relied on relationship. When someone comes to talk to me at the merch table, I want to know their name and their situation just the same way they want to know mine and the bands. Once you are in community with people, we can all help each other. It's a really cool thing.

BC: You've played with huge Christian acts such as Underoath and Haste the Day. What things, if any, have you learned from them, and how do you feel about Underoath's breakup and H.T.D.'s return?

DD: UnderOath was one of the most influential bands to us. Their breakup was sad, but you can always enjoy what they left behind and what they did for the metal community. I'm stoked that Haste The Day is getting back at it again! We were big fans of them, and especially their Attack Of The Wolf King album. I think their new album is going to slay and I hope somewhere down the line, we can share the stage again.

BC: Your video for "The Hands That Bled" just reached over 20,000 views. What was the inspiration behind the video?

DD: "The Hands That Bled" is the song that describes the theme of Written In Blood. We can find hope in knowing that our salvation was found in Jesus Christ. When we struggle and go through hardship we can always know that Jesus has felt our pain and more importantly, He has conquered it. He showed us the price to have salvation in Him. Eric Richter at Victory Records wrote the script for the video, and we fell in love with it! He's a cool dude with a creative brain for directing and writing.

BC: There's a lot of metalcore/hardcore bands out now. How do you guys keep yourself fresh and ahead of the curve as far as keeping everything original?

DD: We honestly try to write the music that we want to hear. We always are trying to push ourselves more and more in every direction to try and write, what we feel, is our favorite kind of music. Written In Blood is a metalcore album that stays true to the core aspect with heavy parts and two steps while also bringing back more metal aspects with guitar solos and more intricate riffs.

BC: Anything else you want to add or talk about?

DD: Thank you so much for taking the time to read this interview and check us out! We hope you enjoy Written In Blood and that it speaks to you. Never feel afraid to reach out to us and to others to seek help when you are going through something. You are loved. Thank you.

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