'Dark Souls 3' Update 1.07 News: Latest Update To Fix Game Errors, Password Matching

Jon MendozaMay 23, 2016 08:14 AM EDT
Bandai/Dark Souls 3

In line with "Dark Souls 3," update 1.07 has been released in order to fix game errors, letting gamers' have an improved overall gaming experience.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, "Dark Souls 3" update 1.07 is designed to fix multiple flaws in the game and deal with issues like password matching rate. It also promotes necessary adjustments when it comes to the efficiency of various categories, which include the Great shield category, Magic Spell Category, Moonlight Great Sword, Washing Pole, Dark Drift, Crescent Axe, and Dragon Slayer's Axe.

"Dark Souls 3" update 1.07 also offers a fix to the stamina attack of certain weapon groups and the shield penetration rate of certain attacks in the scythe category. The update also highlights improvement on password matching rate, Blade of the Darkmoon and Blue Sentinels matching, and other game flaws or imbalances.

According to Reddit user Zansacu, there is no significant difference between updates 1.06 and 1.07, in terms of the weapon stats. The aforementioned stats on are higher in Refined Washing Hole, Moonlight Greatsword, and Black Knight Greataxe while the stats of Raw Dragonslayer's Axe, Refined Washing Pole, and Moon Greatsword are lower. There is no notable change in the stats of the Crescent Axe.

As per VG247, servers were offline for about two hours on all gaming platforms, prior to the release of update 1.07, for maintenance purposes. The update was live following the completion of the maintenance.

Playable in the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows, Bandai Namco's "Dark Souls 3" update 1.07 was released on May 20 in Japan, Europe, and North America.

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