Danny Gokey Explains Meaning Behind 'Hope in Front of Me', Song is About 'Finding Purpose in Your Darkest Moments' (VIDEO)

Justin SarachikJul 01, 2014 12:11 PM EDT

Christian artist and former American Idol contestant Danny Gokey's testimony and life journey are powerful, tragic, and inspirational as the full depth of his life is unveiled. He recently spoke to New Release Tuesday and shared about the writing of his song "Hope In Front of Me" which is also the name of the album and a book.

"This song was written from a very dark place in my life...and the subject was about finding purpose in your darkest moments," he explained, "When we went to write this song, we wanted a song that reflected the journey that I'd walked through. This song is not only my journey, but a reflection of so many people's journeys. We all go through these times when it feels like the rain and the storms are never going to end, and when you pray it seems like it is getting darker and darker."

Gokey's first wife Sophia passed away due to an unexpected complication following a heart surgery. This occurred just a month before his audition with Idol, to which he made it a point to honor his wife.

"It's those little pieces of hope that God puts in front of you that are the light at the end of the tunnel to keep walking towards. Instead of getting stuck in a toxic place, keep walking towards the light, and keep making progress until it all makes sense," he said.

Gokey uses his new found platform to promote his charity organization, Sophia's Heart, which provides places to live for homeless families in the Nashville area.

"It's a true message wrapped up in a current sound. I'm getting great feedback from the song. It comes from a personal place. I had to walk through these moments to learn these lessons, to learn about what hope is and how hope can bring you through. Since I had to learn it firsthand, it is interesting how God has allowed me to learn and now bring this message of hope to others. Not from a distant level, but from a personal place," Gokey continued.

The chorus rings of positive hope and a longing for a love of God, "There's hope in front of me/
There's a light I still see it/ There's a hand still holding me/ Even when I don't believe it/ I might be down but I'm not dead/ There's better days still up ahead/ Even after all I've seen, there's hope in front of me."

Gokey's album Hope in Front of Me debuted on June 23. The 11-track album features production from award winning producers Bernie Herms (Natalie Grant, Ruben Studdard, Barbara Streisand and Andrea Bocelli) Keith Thomas (Amy Grant, BeBe and CeCe Winans) and Josh Crosby (Cher, Owl City, Adam Lambert, Britt Nicole and Mat Kearney).

Click the video below to view Gokey's full interview with BreatheCast:

Click the video below to view of clip of Gokey's performance of "Hope in Front of Me" at the BMG office in NY:

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