Danielle Bradbery vs Angie Miller: 'The Voice' or 'American Idol' Singer, Which Will Have The More Successful Music Career? Let Your Voice Be Heard Here

Matt LloydAug 07, 2013 10:03 PM EDT



Danielle Bradbery  vs Angie Miller: 'The Voice' or 'American Idol' Singer, Which Will Have The More Successful Music Career?


"The Voice" Season 4 on NBC wrapped up at the beginning of the summer by naming Team Blake's Danielle Bradbery the winner in June. "American Idol" finished up Season 12 in May with Candice Glover winning the crown. Glover is amazing, but for the sake of this discussion we are going to compare Bradbery with Angie Miller, who was eliminated during Top 3 on "American Idol". 

Even though Miller did not win Season 12 of "American Idol" she did secure the runaway crown of social media darling with double the amount of followers on facebook/twitter/etc then all the other contestants. This has boded well for her in her new post 'Idol' career as she can keep her fans updated on all of her latest recording and touring ventures. 

Obviously, the two ladies are both very talented singers and wish them both the best, but for the sake of debate, want to dive in to which artist has a better chance at a more successful and long lasting music career. 

First, if we just go by ratings, "The Voice" had higher ratings this season then "American Idol" so we know that more people got to witness Danielle Bradbery perform. So she has the edge on that. On social media, Miller has over 137,000 Facebook likes while Bradbery has over 215,000 Facebook likes. So Danielle has overtaken Miller for fan following as well. 

Second, if we look at performance, both of the girls gave several spectacular vocal performances throughout their seasons. The only edge would be to Bradbery in terms of consistency as Miller had one sub-par week during her season and Danielle never really had an "off" night. However, Angie Miller was the more entertaining performer. Some would say this could actually be a negative or that she was "trying to hard" but we like to be entertained and watch someone that is exciting, so Miller would get the edge on stage presence. So they each come out about even there. 

Third, would be judges/mentors. This clearly would go to Danielle for being with Team Blake and having Blake Shelton by her side helping her along the whole season. This is unfortunate for Miller as obviously she did not have that choice since "American Idol" just does weekly guest mentors. The advice and help that Bradbery received during the show AND will continue to receive the rest of her career from Shelton, especially being in the same genre of country music gives her an edge. 

Fourth, are the guest performances. Without looking back to do any research, 3 performances come to my mind. So I will just go with those. Two were for Angie Miller. The first was with her singing alongside fellow 'Idol' album Adam Lambert and they sounded incredible harmonizing with eachother. The second was when Miller performed alongside one of her musical idols, Jessie J, which was awesome as well. The one that sticks out for Bradbery was her performance of "I Want Crazy" with Hunter Hayes. She surprisingly held the stage with him very well, enough that if you did not know who the "artist" song was, you could have very well thought it was her song. So guest performances were pretty even as they both had their stand out moments. 

Lastly, we will look at their first singles. Angie Miller started her huge rise on "American Idol" when she sang her original song "You Set Me Free" and wowed the judges. Miller went on to release "You Set Me Free" as her first single on iTunes as Idol ended. Bradbery was smart to quickly put out her first single "Heart of Dixie" as well right after "The Voice" which is already climbing the Billboard Country charts into the Top 20. 

Angie Miller does also have the songwriting edge at this point. Danielle might have songwriting skills, but we know for sure that Angie can write great songs and that she is a very talented piano player which can aide the writing process. 

In the end, as talented as Miller is, I just think Bradbery has more support around her with Blake Shelton and the country music. community She could easily do a duet with Shelton or Hayes that would give her quick success to put "The Voice" quickly in the rear view mirror. The country scene just seems like a more welcoming community to join, especially with Shelton by her side, than the pop music world that Miller will be working on breaking into. 

In the end, they both had great seasons on their shows and hope they both have long lasting and successful careers.

This is definitely in a way comparing apples to oranges because they are in different genres and of course both can be successful. I am a fan of both singers and this is simply an article contrasting the two to spark opinions and see how people feel about both artists and their careers moving forward.

Who do you think will have a longer lasting music career?




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