Dale Earnhardt Jr. Miss Chase For NASCAR Sprint Cup 2013? Brad Keselowski on Verge of Missing Cut as Well (VIDEO)

Matt LloydAug 24, 2013 06:22 PM EDT



Dale Earnhardt Jr. Could Miss Chase For NASCAR Sprint Cup 2013, Brad Keselowski on Verge of Missing Cut as Well (VIDEO)


Dale Earnhardt Jr. has for years been one of the most popular drivers in the NASCAR circuit. His father was incredibly beloved and the support has always seemed to just carry over into Jr.'s career. 

The only problem is that Earnhardt Jr. doesn't win very much. So some have problems that he is so popular when he doesn't always have the wins to back it up. That aside, you can't always help who is popular. The Dallas Cowboys are 'America's Team' and they have been mediocre for over a decade. 

Jr. has 679 points currently with no wins this season. He has just won victory since 2008. So his track record in the last several years is not on his side. 

"The confidence is there, but the stress is there, too", Earnhardt Jr. said while addressing the media to discuss the playoff picture. 

"You definitely don't like to be in this situation," said Earnhardt. "I don't think anybody wants to be on the bubble or be even worried or concerned about points leading up to Richmond, so we hope to have a couple of good weeks and really put ourselves in a pretty comfortable situation before we even come into Richmond."

Brad Keselowski, the reigning Sprint Cup Series champion is in the same position as well in the 8th spot with no wins this season. So there is still time to make up points, but their best racing has to still be ahead to make a difference. 

Regardless of wins, Jr. has shown that he can still be a face of NASCAR with endorsements and commercials still always coming his way. He is just a very likable guy and wins or not, he is great for the popularity of the sport. 

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