Country singer honors ‘John Wayne and Jesus’ in new song

Jeannie LawFeb 11, 2019 11:14 AM EST
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Billboard-topping country music singer Lucas Hoge says his new single "John Wayne and Jesus" is a tribute to his childhood and the values that were instilled in him.

Hoge filmed the video for his new single during a recent trip to Los Angeles where he performed on Hallmark's daytime talk show "Home & Family." The single was also shot at the same Warner Bros. lot where Academy Award-winning legend John Wayne shot many of his movies.

"'John Wayne and Jesus' was a thought I had been sitting on for a while. When I got together with my buddies Andy Wills and Danny Simpson I knew they would be the perfect guys to bring it to life. We wanted to create one of those songs that really encompassed the way of life we had as kids and the values that mom, dad, John Wayne, and Jesus gave to us," Hoge told The Christian Post of his new song.

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