Cody McCarver Releases New Album 'Rise Up'

Press ReleaseSep 11, 2017 12:15 PM EDT
Cody McCarverCover for Cody McCarver's 2017 album Rise Up.

Rise Up, the highly anticipated project from Cody McCarver, is available today. Packed with inspirational tunes, McCarver's brand of music - he calls it 'Outlaw Gospel' - encourages and challenges the listener.

The release marks a new chapter in the musician's life and Cody, well-known for his over 10-year career with country music supergroup, Confederate Railroad, is excited. "I've poured my heart and soul into this project," states McCarver. "This is truly from the heart and I hope it's a blessing to all who hear it."

Audiences are already connecting with McCarver - the video for the single "Rise Up" has gone viral with over 330K views and the single is being played on radio across America.

In his career, McCarver seemed to have it all, but something was missing. "Here I was with everything I could imagine," states Cody. "My CD's all over in Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc., everything I wanted. I had a bus, band - I had it all. But, I was miserable. I started filling that void with Jack Daniels, who became my best friend, every single day."

Cody's life began to spiral out of control. "I was headed for death," says Cody. "I knew something had to I went to church." Cody searched and found joy in his renewed relationship with God. Cody says: "God let me know that He never left me and He was with me the entire time."

Once again, Cody is making waves with his music. This time it's Christian and country music with a new genre of music called "Outlaw Gospel." After being told by several people in Christian music industry his voice and songwriting sounded "outlawy," Cody said, "Well, maybe I'll call it 'Outlaw Gospel.'"

That's where Cody McCarver is today - a renewed focus, a fresh outlook and a vision for the future and this project represents this new chapter.

Rise Up, on 8:14 Records, is available on iTunes, Amazon and at

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