The Civil Wars New Album Coming Out In 2013, Release Date, Future Still Uncertain

Matt LloydMay 03, 2013 02:48 PM EDT

After a six month absense the Civil Wars have officially announced that they will release a their new sophomore album.  

This is great news for fans of the band, however the Civil Wars are still on indefinite hiatus amid "internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition," which caused the abrupt cancelation of an entire tour last fall in the U.K. 

The Grammy-winning folk-pop duo, who released their debut record Barton Hollow in 2011 is making good on its promise to release new music in 2013. Singers Joy Williams and John Paul White posted separate statements on their website: 

"Patience is a virtue. Yours has been appreciated. Here's to the hope you consider it rewarded." - John Paul White

"If you are reading this, I want to thank you for taking the time. I'm grateful for your patient support. I am very glad to say that new music is coming and I am fiercely proud of this album. A lot of soul, sweat and tears went into its creation. I hope you find the heart in each song, that it might connect with yours. We are, each one of us, all journeying, learning and growing along this ever-evolving path. Hope this note finds you well wherever you are..." - Joy 

The album is set for a late summer release on Sensibility Music/Columbia Records. 

In January, the duo released an Unplugged session on iTunes and in February, collaborations they cut in 2011 with Hunger Games producer T Bone Burnett appeared on the soundtrack to the philanthropic documentary 'A Place at the Table', which tackles the issue of hunger in America.

There are no plans for new tour dates at this time and despite the new Civil Wars album coming out, we might never see them perform live again.

They plan to release more statements soon regarding the new album and their future together.  

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