Christian Singer-Songwriter Chris Tomlin Releases Anticipated New Album 'Holy Roar'

Marcus Lundin Oct 26, 2018 12:12 PM EDT

Christian singer-songwriter Chris Tomlin today released his latest studio album, Holy Roar, via Rivermusic and Capitol Christian Music Group. The new twelve-track album is the follow-up to his 2016 Never Lose Sight and features singles like "Nobody Loves Me Like You," "Resurrection Power," and "Is He Worthy?" and includes guest performances by Nicole Serrano and Pat Barrett.  

Accompanying the new album, Tomlin and his pastor Darren Whitehead also partnered with Thomas Nelson (Harper Collins Christian Publishing), for the re-release of their book, "Holy Roar: 7 Ways That Will Change The Way You Worship." With the book, they hope to grow readers in their understanding of praise as Whitehead offers his insights and Tomlin shares the stories behind many of his worship songs.

Talking about the meaning behind "Holy Roar," Tomlin tells Billboard in an interview, "Holy means set apart completely, unlike anything else. It's a word really reserved for God. And the word roar, you instinctively know what that word sounds like, what it feels like. Webster's Dictionary says it's a long, full prolonged sound or to sing and shout with full force. The world knows what a roar is."

He adds, "People let a massive roar out for different things, but when you put 'holy' in front of it, it changes everything. It's this set apart roar. It's this completely other thing and that's what worship is. It's a completely unique thing."

In the interview, Tomlin goes on to say that hopes the phrase becomes synonymous with his life and career. He says that when he thinks about the two words, "Holy Roar," they describe just what he would want to be said about his music.

"If you ask people, 'What does Chris's music sound like?' That's what I hope people would say that it sounds like a holy roar," he explains. "When we gather with my music, it's not that we're just singing, shouting, dancing and celebrating for just anything. It's a holy thing. It's a powerful thing when you are connecting with God's spirit and his holy presence. It's holy roar."

During an exclusive album preview event in Nashville earlier this week, Tomlin was recognized as the first Christian artist to reach one billion streams on the digital music streaming service Pandora. One of only a handful of artists in any genre to reach this benchmark, Tomlin has garnered over 1.8 billion lifetime spins, with an average 4.5 million streams every week.

"I'm so honored to represent this amazing genre of music that features so many incredible artists," Tomlin said about the honor. "What this 'billion' honor reminds me of is that every week there are billions of people who gather together in worship. Anywhere there is dirt on this earth people are worshipping God. I'm so thankful to be a part of that."

Tomlin is currently scheduled to perform on his "Christmas Songs of Worship Tour" kicking off on Nov. 30 and wrapping up on Dec. 16. With dates scheduled through March and April next year, he recently also announced the "Holy Roar Tour" where he will be joined by opening acts Tauren Wells, Pat Barrett, Nicole Serrano, and Whitehead. For tickets and more information, please visit

Holy Roar can be streamed or downloaded everywhere now, with links to the biggest digital music platforms available here.

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Holy Roar Track List:

1. Holy Roar

2. Nobody Loves Me Like You

3. Resurrection Power

4. Goodness, Love and Mercy

5. Satisfied

6. Impact

7. Praise Him Forever

8. Is He Worthy?

9. Forever Young

10. I Stand in Awe (feat. Nicole Serrano)

11. Praise is the Highway

12. How Sweet It Is (feat. Pat Barrett)

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