Christian NBA Star Stephen Curry Shoots to Break NBA All-Time 3-Point Record Tonight

Matt LloydApr 17, 2013 12:13 PM EDT

Just a few years ago people questioned whether Davidson Star guard, Stephen Curry could make it in the NBA.  

The Warriors drafted Curry seventh overall in the 2009 NBA Draft.  Was he too skinny?  Could he take the punishment of NBA players and an NBA schedule?  He could shoot in college but would that translate in the pros?

Well Curry answered that question has been coming the last few years, but was closed at Madison Square Garden vs. the Knicks on Feb 27th once and for all.  He scored a phenomenal 54 points shooting a blistering 11-13 from the 3 point line.  Knicks guard J.R. Smith even payed respect to Curry after the game on twitter writing, "@StephenCurry30 you are an All Star in my book any day! Unbelievable game bro! 54 PTs in 48 min 11/13 from the 3! That's work kid!"

In the game against the Knicks, Curry came one 3-pointer shy of the NBA record for 3-pointers in a single game, but tonight in the last regular season game of this NBA season, he has a shot at making even bigger history.  

Curry is two 3-pointers away from breaking Ray Allen's single-season NBA record of 269 3-pointers (done in 2005-2006 season).  With Curry in the line up tonight, the question around the NBA seems to be when he will break the record tonight, not a question of "if".  He is admittedly excited about breaking the record tonight and I'm sure first year head coach for the Warriors Mark Jackson will give him the green light to shoot.  "He should be done with that by the end of the first quarter," guard Jarrett Jack told ESPN.  Coach Jackson added, "I don't know who second place is for the best shooter in the world. But he certainly has first place tied up."

Many thought that his numbers and play should have been good enough to make the  West NBA All-Star team this year, in his 4th NBA season.  Curry did not get the call this year, but is sure to make many All-Star appearances in his career.  

Curry has a trademark now of writing scriptures verses on his game shoes to help share his faith much like Tim Tebow would do putting the verses on under his eyes at Florida.    

There are many incredible sharp shooters in the NBA, but one usually rises to the top in most people's opinions.  In the 80's you had Larry Bird, 90's was Reggie Miller and the 2000's has been Ray Allen.  For this next decade, it is safe to say that Curry will be in this discussion if not top the list.  His feat tonight will cement this fact in his legacy.

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