Christian Iraqi Leader Mark Arabo Hopes America Saves Persecuted Refugees From ISIS [VIDEO]

William RameauAug 28, 2014 04:14 PM EDT

Mark Arabo, a Christian Iraqi-American man living in San Diego, is urging the US government to help save Iraqi Christians and other religious outcasts being persecuted and massacred during the ISIS genocidal campaign in the Middle East.

"Our nation is one specially positioned to be viewed as a failure for foreign inaction, and "imperialist" for our willingness to act. I tend to view our foreign role as a nation of great power, blessed with a moral obligation to enact change on a global scale," said Arabo said in a testimonial he released on his blog earlier this month.

Arabo went on to write, "Which is why both myself, and the 70,000 Iraqi Christians who have decided to call the United States home, are delivering an urgent plea to the Obama administration: We need executive action. All necessary measures must be considered and implemented that would help assist minorities affected by the onslaught of ISIS...Quickly, we see the hostilities of ISIS becoming a regional threat, and without the influence of the U.S., ISIS will be our threat."

The 31-year-old man also reminded Americans not to take their religious freedom for granted, since other people around the world are being killed because of their faith in Jesus Christ.

"It is my hope that the great citizens of San Diego continue to support the endeavors of both the Iraqi Christian people and myself. Your sensitivity to these matters is truly appreciated. It is in our most simple of daily tasks that we are reminded of what so many around the world desire - freedom of choice, voice and prayer," said Arabo.

"And while many fringe elements of the public wish it were not so, the cross we bear is Democracy. So while such international standing may not be a choice, it's weight is carried in a moral obligation. This is our humanitarian privilege. This is our honorable predicament," he added.

The Neighborhood Market Association Executive also expressed why he joined forces with San Diego Representative Juan Vargas regarding the issue in order to save the refugees from the massacre that currently plaguing the Middle East, "I want to give voices to the voiceless, names to the nameless," said Arabo, according to a report by the LA Times. "My fear is that if we don't do something now, someday I'll be going to New York to dedicate a memorial museum with all the names."

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