Christian Band Mercy Me Release New Single “Shake” and Film Music Video in Alabama

By Frank Richmond, BREATHEcast News Reporter
Nov 12, 2013 12:40 PM EST
Christian Band Mercy Me Release New Single "Shake" and Film Music Video in Alabama Christian band Mercy Me has been around since they released their first single "I Can Only Imagine" in the early 2000s. The band won a Dove Award and also achieved a double platinum sales status for the song's success. They recently jumped back onto the Christian music radar with their new single "Shake." The band filmed a music video for the new single in Huntsville, Alabama that featured a group of locals playing instruments loaned to the project by Gadsden Music. "Shake," which debuted today on popular Christian music site, has fans buzzing about how far the band has come since "I Can Only Imagine" over ten years ago. Frontman Bart Millard of Mercy Me said, "This is about enjoying the fact that we're changed. This is about having the joy and living life that way - Christians are supposed to have joy." The extras in the music video for "Shake" were made up of Huntsville locals from North Alabama Dance Center and Jill's Studio of Dance. Mike Rickles did the choreography and told the extras, "When my arms come down, you have just entered the biggest party of your life. The only wrong dance move is no dance move - move! Just make sure everything is pure - underscore pure - fun. No twerking!"

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