Chris Tomlin’s 'Worship Night in America' Is a Dream Come True; Singer Aims to Unite Body Of Christ [INTERVIEW]

Jeannie LawJul 24, 2015 05:14 PM EDT
Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin is about to embark on a dream project of his with upcoming tour 'Worship night in America'. BREATHEcast caught up with the popular worship leader to discuss what this passion project will consist of and the different approach he and his guest performers will take to worship together.

Tomlin's 'Worship Night In America' has events scheduled this August in New York City's Madison Square Garden (Aug. 8), Denver's Red Rocks Amphitheater (Aug. 13) and Sacramento's Sleep Train Arena (Aug. 15).

"The heart of it, the dream, and vision behind is not a concert as normal," Tomlin said, "It's going to be something entirely different. I think it's going to be beautiful. Amazing and powerful."

As a time of worship and prayer for the nation, Tomlin will be joined by several prominent worship leaders and pastors including: Louie Giglio, Max Lucado, Matt Redman, Kari Jobe, Rend Collective, Israel Houghton, Matt Maher, Phil Wickham, and Hillsong's Reuben Morgan. The Texas native said his desire was to bring the church together because it can really be a powerful thing when the church gathers together to worship God from all different streams of the church.

"It's going to be led by so many of my friends that are in these different arenas. I thought, 'what would it be like for some of my friends who have written, and have led, and have been apart of some of the most influential songs around this world to lead them together to do this together In one night, and to have amazing teaching all in one night, going from one person leads a song to the next?"

The multiple award-winning artist shared his excitement to be able to unite on stage with his friends as one body. "I think it's important to come together and realize that we do speak the same language, especially through music. We're speaking the same songs of praise to this great almighty God who sent His son Jesus Christ and that's the message," he explained.

"We're speaking the same language, we speak it in different ways, through different streams... that's a powerful thing and that's what Jesus prayed for, for us. One of His final prayers was to pray that we be one," he continued.

He noted the beautiful sight it will be to see people from the Methodist, Catholic, Baptist, Charismatic and all denominations come together for one common message.

Tomlin went on to say he invited Giglio to share because worship is his kind of life message. "He speaks on it better than anybody I know its more then coming together and just singing a bunch of songs."

He revealed that Lucado along with the city's local pastors will lead the moment that everyone prays for the country, nation, churches, and each other.

"It's a different night. I feel like it's very set apart, a very sacred thing and not your normal concert," he described, "I think the timing of it is so on point with what's happening in our country and where people have so many mixed emotions. I think this moment of coming together and saying God we're putting our eyes on you for direction and for repentance."

It's ideal that 'Worship in America is kicking off in New York City because it is coming on the heals of Evangelist Luis Palau's massive festivals thrown in the city. Palau rallied one thousand New York churches together to make history in the big apple as one of the biggest evangelical moves in New York City in over a decade. Approximately 60,000 people gathered to hear the gospel and worship in Central Park in July and Tomlin along with TobyMac, Marcos Witt, Israel Houghton and more was a part of it.

Tomlin believes the timing of the events happening in New York City is no coincidence. When finding out about the Palau festivals he reached out and wanted to connect with Palau. He explained that they both teamed up in support of one another all as one. 'Worship Night in America' is kicking off in the big Apple but Tomlin says his hope is that it will continue for years come.

"I think it's very interesting that this is coming together at this time, at this moment. I feel like God put these songs on my heart, this event in my heart and this date, I had no idea the Palau festival was happening, it's unbelievable!" He gushed.

The "How Great is Our God" singer admitted that there was a reason he chose New York as the first city for his dream tour. "Beginning in New York was very important to me because of the influence in the city," he admitted.

Tomlin said that when traveling to New York in the past for concerts he is shocked by the hunger the people for God.

"There is a great hunger and great awakening happening in that city and you never know how it's going to find its way through the north east and the rest of the country," he maintained.

‘Worship Night In America’ kicks off in August in New York City, then heads to Denver, and Sacramento. For more information and ticket details visit

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