CCM Legend Crystal Lewis Hints at Upcoming New Album on Facebook; Says it's '3 Years in the Making' [PHOTO]

Justin SarachikMar 16, 2015 09:04 AM EDT
Facebook: Crystal Lewis

Longtime Christian recording artist Crystal Lewis gave a hint into her next project with a quick update on her Facebook.

"In the home stretch.... Mixing. Meaning I'm at the end of this project... Nearly 3 years in the making. yet... It's only the beginning in countless ways," she wrote and then showed some love for her producer, "And it wouldn't exist without this guy right here. Eli Thomson, my friend for 20 years, has produced the majority of this album and breathed musical life into it, exceeding all my expectations. Can't wait to share it with you.... Soon."


Crystal Lewis
(Photo : Facebook: Crystal Lewis)

Lewis' latest album, 25, was released last August and covered her top 25 songs over a span of 25 years.

In an interview with BC, Lewis was asked what the difference between 25 and a typical greatest hits or best of album is, and how she came up with the idea.

"Over the years, we have created and put out a small handful of compilations or greatest hits albums along the way. I think this one was significant for me because it does represent 25 years of ministry," she said, "I think in the beginning of a career at least for me, I wasn't looking ahead like, 'Some day I will be in the same industry a quarter of a century doing the same thing.' I didn't think that far ahead, so to be at this kind of milestone was kind of not necessarily surprising...but surprising in a weird way. 'How did we get here? This is crazy.'"

Lewis' greatest of hits is "People Get Ready...Jesus is Coming" which was released in 1996. The song has a strong and powerful message that warns people to get themselves ready for the return of the Savior. Even 18 years later the song is still well known and has received an updated remix for the new album. The song was remixed by Peace 586, and Propaganda contributed a rap verse.

Hear the version of the track with Propaganda below:

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