'Castle' Season 6 Live Stream Online: ABC Releases New Info on Episode 10 "The Good, The Bad & The Baby"

James LoveNov 18, 2013 06:04 PM EST

So far Season 4 of ABC's Castle has highlighted some of the pitfalls of parenting. Castle [Nathan Fillion] hasn't had the easiest time adjusting to his daughter's new boyfriend Pi. Well according to some info released by the network, Castle has a new burden of joy to look after in episode 10 "The Good, the Bad & The Baby."

"A bleeding man is going to stumble into a church. but just before dying, he will hand a mysterious bundle to the priest. When the bundle turns out to be a smiling baby boy, Castle and Beckett will find themselves accidental nannies to the newborn," according to an official synopsis released by ABC.

Contrary to their initial belief, the victim in the church isn't even related to the mysterious baby. Not only do Castle and Beckett have a murderer to catch but also parents to identify.

Meanwhile, in tonight's episode 9 "Disciple," the crime solving couple has a different murder to investigate. Apparently a female victim, who resembles Lanie may have been murdered by someone coming after the 12th Precinct detectives.

Is the look-alike [who has the same tattoo as Lanie, in the same spot on her back] a warning to Beckett and Castle?

Don't miss Castle Season 6 episode 9 "Disciple" Monday night at 10/9c on ABC.

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