Casting Crowns 'Thrive' Month of Giving Sweepstakes Gives One Fan a Day Anything They Want From the Band

Jeannie LawJan 07, 2014 04:22 PM EST

Casting Crowns announced on their Facebook page this week that leading up to the release of their new album Thrive one lucky fan would be selected everyday and get whatever they ask from the band.

This sweepstakes will serve as a promotional tool for the album.

"We are excited to announce the Month of Giving with Casting Crowns. Starting today, and running every day up to the release of Thrive on January 28th, you will be able to ask for anything from Casting Crowns," the Facebook post read.

The bands site has a list of rules, "Crown Giving Rules" that must be followed for some one to qualify for the gift.

The sweepstakes began on 1/2/2014 (United States and Canada only) and ends on the 31st of January at 12:00 AM Eastern Time.

The winner of the Sweepstakes will be randomly selected, and then will be notified by a Facebook message from Casting Crowns. The winner(s) are limited to one request per day on Facebook.  

"One person will be selected from the comments each day and receive their wish. Maybe you want a phone call from the band, a signed CD, a pizza, or a new phone. Ask in the comments each day and your request could be granted," the band posted.

They ended their exciting post with the ever-tempting question "If you could ask for anything from Casting Crowns what would it be?"

Their followers immediately took the comment section and began shooting their requests.

Becky Adams Tislow posted: "I would ask for a concert at a Veteran's Hospital - any Veteran's Hospital. Those guys could use some cheering up and I can think of no better way than by hearing a Casting Crowns concert!"

Many simply asked for prayers, Linda Brodsky said, "Prayers for me and my future. I am a young widow and my youngest child just turned four."

"Lee Ann Broussard posted: "I teach the drums to inmates at our parish jail and we need new drums to continue the program, but we do not have any funding! Please help us in Lafayette, LA!. 

Another wrote, "I wish you could sing our first dance song at my wedding in July" posted bride to be, Samantha Silver.

Casting Crowns began as a student worship band in Daytona Beach. At the center of Casting Crowns is Mark Hall, who was orginally leading a band of people that consisted of his youth group.

The band's first major release was certified platinum. Their next album secured them a Grammy Award and every album since has been in the top five of the Billboard 200 charts. In September 2013, the band released "All You've Ever Wanted," the first single from their forthcoming CD Thrive.

Thrive is scheduled to come out January 28, 2014.



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