Carman to Discuss Cancer on TBN's "Praise the Lord" Tonight

Andrea Williams Feb 26, 2013 01:04 PM EST


(Photo : Carman, via Facebook)


As we previously reported, Carman Licciardello, a legend and true CCM rock star, recently took to his Facebook page to share the latest news regarding his battle against Myeloma cancer.

His spirits are up, and he wrote that as long as he gets proper rest he feels good. He also thanked the tens of thousands of his fans who showered him with love and support.

But in the midst of his discussion of blood tests and treatment plans, there has also come very exciting news for Carman's supporters: He will be hosting Praise the Lord on TBN at 7:00 pm Pacific Time tonight. He also promised to address all of the latest regarding his illness during the first 30 minutes of the program.

As always, stay tuned in with us here at BREATHEcast, as we promise to keep you posted on all the latest updates in Carman's fight to beat cancer.


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