Building 429's New Album Enjoys Great Release. Band Looks to Continue Critical and Commercial Success

Brandon HaysJun 05, 2013 03:28 PM EDT

Building 429 looks to continue a great year with the release of their newest album "We Won't Be Shaken" last week. 

The songs have been receiving radio airplay for the last several months and the band has been performing them live, but this will be the first time that the singles (along with the rest of their full-length album) is made available to the general public. 

"We're really excited about it and we've worked really hard on it.  This record has been done for... it's been sitting in the camp for almost like 6 months, so it's been done and mastered and we've been like ugh, we've been playing new songs for six months waiting for June the fourth,"said frontman Jason Roy, in interview with One One 7 TV

The album includes the no. 1 hit single, "Where I Belong (Live)" as well as 10 other songs. The album was produced by another big name in Christian music, Jason Ingram. Ingram has written multiple successful singles that have been recorded by himself, as well as christian mega-artists like Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, and Hillsong United.

Building 429 has heart behind their music. They've said in almost every interview that they've done that the music is ministry focused, and that they are about doing the work of the Gospel. Bandmember Roy said on their website:

"We really felt like we wanted to make a record that said, 'Stand up! You have been called. We are God's children. Who can stand against what God has begun?' That's really our perspective. If you listen to the record you find that there's a little bit of bravado in it, but it's bravado from a standpoint of we don't have to always talk about how weak we are because His strength is made perfect in our weakness. That's what this record is about. This record says, 'Hey, let's go! Let's do this. God is going to use us and we're not going to fail."

You can check out their website or follow them on twitter for more news and updates.


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