Bruce Jenner Cross Dressing Transgender Rumors / Net Worth, Kids, Plastic Surgery, Divorce, Ex Wife Causing Craziness?

James LoveOct 17, 2013 02:10 PM EDT

Recently a story went viral on the Internet that Bruce Jenner is a closet cross dressing transgender after one of his kids, Kim Kardashian allegedly found a stash of stretched out lingerie in the back of his closet. In this case, the rumors are probably just rumors. However, the former Olympic star, whom allegedly wants to be a woman, does have a knack for doing some questionable things.

Let's do a roundup of classic Jenner craziness.

First, start with the plastic surgery. Anyone with a reported net worth of over $100 million is in a position to go a little nuts. Decades after his Olympics heyday Jenner decided to put a little plastic in his face. In fact Bruce even confronted Jimmy Fallon when he was a guest on his show about plastic surgery jokes.

Jenner and Fallon both agreed the talk show host could keep making jokes about his face while he was still on Late Night, but once he transitioned to The Tonight Show mum's the word on the surgery.

Remember that episode of KUWTK where Bruce moves out of his ex wife's home. Though him and Kris are not getting a divorce, the former power couple has started living separately. Bruce has his own place by the beach while Kris stays with the kids in Calabasas.

Oh, to be a reality TV star. 

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