Brothers Robby, Tim Tebow Debut As Feature Film Producers In 'Run The Race'

Marcus Lundin Nov 16, 2018 12:05 PM EST
RUN THE RACE/RESERVE ENTERTAINMENT/10TH LEPER PRODUCTIONS Movie poster for the feature film "Run The Race"

Heisman Trophy-winner, national champion, NFL veteran, and professional baseball player Tim Tebow can now add filmmaking to his impressive list of accomplishments. Together with his older brother Robby, they are producing the new feature film "Run The Race." Directed by Chris Dowling, the film tells the inspiring, fictional story of two high school athlete brothers who see their relationship tested as they seek different paths out of their troubled lives.

"'Run The Race' is about so much more than football," Tim Tebow says. "This is a story about overcoming the hard issues of life, about the power of sacrifice, the power of family, and the power of forgiveness."

"I love being a part of a project like this because it will impact lives, inspire hope, and even prompt action," he continues. "When I read the script, I knew this was an important project to get behind."

Robby adds, "The script pulled me in right away, and I wanted to bring it to life cinematically. As somebody with brothers in a big, super-close family that has gone through a lot together, it resonated with me on a deep level."

L to R: Executive Producers Robby and Tim Tebow share a laugh while filming RUN THE RACE (Courtesy of Run the Race Productions, LLC)
L to R: Executive Producers Robby and Tim Tebow share a laugh while filming RUN THE RACE (Courtesy of Run the Race Productions, LLC)


The film is the Tebow brothers' first foray into feature films and stars Mykelti Williamson ("Forrest Gump") as they boys' coach, Frances Fisher ("Unforgiven," "Titanic") as their surrogate mother, Tanner Stine as Zach, and Evan Hofer as David. The supporting cast includes Kristoffer Polaha, Mario Van Peebles, Heisman-winner and NFL veteran Eddie George, along with many others. Produced by Darren Moorman, Jake McEntire, and Ken Carpenter, "Run The Race" is co-written by McEntire, Dowling, and Jason Baumgardner.

McEntire explains that the film is about two young brothers facing unbelievable odds with an unbreakable bond. "I believe audiences will resonate with this uplifting story of faith, sacrifice, and hope," he says.

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