Brian 'Head' Welch reveals what Jesus told him about his rock star appearance

Jeannie LawMar 04, 2019 08:21 AM EST
Courtesy of Brian Welch

HOLLYWOOD - Guitarist and co-founder of the metal band Korn, Brian "Head" Welch attended the premiere of "Run The Race" and revealed a specific word God shared with him about his appearance.

"We just got to step back out of the religious things and just think about who Jesus hung out with - the fisherman, the prostitute, all kinds of people and I fit right in that little group. That's who He goes after and saves, He loves everybody. We're a story but the thing is, He cleans us on the inside," Welch testified while on the red carpet of the Christian movie premiere in Los Angeles, California on Feb 11.

The tattooed, dreadlock-sporting rocker believes being authentic is also a part of being a witness for Christ.

"Nowhere in the Bible does it say you gotta start looking like everybody else," he shared.

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