A BREATHEcast Exclusive Interview with Darlene Zschech

Timothy YapMar 07, 2013 07:15 PM EST

BREATHEcast recently had a chance to sit down with Christian recording artist Darlene Zschech to talk about her new album Revealing Jesus, future collaborations and what she has planned for her next project. 

 BC: We are so excited that you have a new live worship album and a devotional book coming out, why the title "Revealing Jesus"?

I think basically  it is in response to my deepest prayer, that there would be more of Jesus revealed through my life. And that I would continue to stand and declare the faithfulness of God, His promises, and all that has been won for us through the power of the cross.

BC: How is "Revealing Jesus" the same and/ or different from your previous live worship recordings?

It's the same as far as I am leading congregational songs and being part of a team, with people who have been ministering with me for years, as well as brand new friends in the mix. It's the same as far as the desired outcome is that people would draw near to God, and find Jesus revealed to their hearts in a fresh new way. It is the same as in the fact that I honestly try to lead songs that people connect with, and basically get myself out of the picture asap... that Christ and His Kingdom would be advanced and announced.

It's different as far as I am different. I pray that by God's grace I am always growing and learning. And over the last few years my family and I have taken a massive leap of faith. This is SUCH a new season for us. EVRYTHING IS NEW... I pray you can hear that in this project.

BC: I absolutely love "In Jesus' Name," "Victor's Crown" and "Your Name/Cry of the Broken," what are your favorite songs out of this new record?  And why?

I actually love every song on this project.. the older songs and the newer songs. And my kids love this project, as does our church family.. that means the world to me.

BC: On this new record, you have re-recorded 'Magnificent" which was originally from Hillsongs' "Blessed," why did you decide to include it again?

I have always LOVED this song... And Mark and I love the writer, Ray Badham and his wife. I was just praying one day about what other KNOWN song could I lead to point people to Jesus. And I started singing this song. We recorded it with mostly harp, and JB Putnam, who is an outstanding worship leader/writer, sang with me.

BC:I know Israel Houghton, Michael W. Smith and Kari Jobe are all involved with this new CD, can you tell me how they are involved?

This project would not have happened without Israel. He gave me the confidence to jump in the deep again. I have continued to lead worship since we left Hillsong Church to pastor HOPE UC, but I guess when leaving, I had to know in my heart that I was letting go. I grieved for a bit... leaving that side of my life was like losing a limb, especially, all my 'everyday' friends. But wow, God is faithful. And Israel and his wife Meleasa, over many conversations with Mark and I, finally said, "OK, let's do this." It was important for me to be part of a team, because that is how I like to do life.

Michael W and I have written together, and again Mark and I are honoured to call the Smiths our friends. He has been more than gracious for this project, and I feel overwhelmed to have him involved.

Kari is sweet, and kind, and I was glad to have spent time with her over the past few years. We started writing together one day, and that was when "Victor's Crown" was born. We seriously only JUST gave it a start. But Kari has been amazing to work with and having her family with us too has been awesome.

BC: When you are writing your songs, do you write with the piano or guitar or other instruments?

I mainly write on the piano. But I will often just sing, and sing melodies, sing hook lines, record them... and then write around that. I write lots of lyrics... a true female. Always too many words!!! J

BC: You have written and lead so many worship songs before both individually and with Hillsong what are your three absolute all-time favorites?

That's a hard question. I still love a song called "Glory to the King." I love "Carry Me" by Marty Sampson... and anything by Brooke.

BC: What are your future plans in terms of recording?  Can we see a Christmas album?  A Hope UC live recording?  A duet album with Michael W. Smith? 

I am SO not sure about that. I will keep you posted though. 



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