'The Bourne Betrayal' Release Date, Plot, Cast Rumors: Jeremy Renner Stars, Matt Damon To Appear in 'Bourne 5'?

Andrew SerafinSep 29, 2014 04:20 PM EDT
Reuters photoMatt Damon is rumored to appear in 'The Bourne Betrayal'

A release date for 'The Bourne Betrayal', has been announced as the saga gets ready for another installment. The soon-to-be blockbuster is slated for a July 15, 2016 cinema premiere.

Besides the release date, details about the plot can be gathered from the synopsis posted by IMDB.

According to the full synopsis Aaron Cross will be depicted as the last surviving member of Operation Outcome- "a group of black ops agents with chemically enhanced physical and mental capabilities that were betrayed and terminated by a dark and powerful black ops team deep within the CIA."

However, "Aaron Cross survived and is still at large and their sinister activities are threatened and Operation Larx - their next generation of super assassins is in jeopardy. Larx agents are dispatched to hunt Cross down and remove his threat."

The synopsis goes on to set the action in the streets of Shanghai, China, as Cross will be seen eluding Larx agents. Aaron Cross will be desperately searching for any other Operation Outcome member that could help him take the fight to the Larx Agency.

Beyond the plot, and what fans can expect to see in the storyline of 'The Bourne Betrayal', fans will be delighted to learn that some of the cast has been revealed.

The star role, Aaron Cross, will be played by none other than Jeremy Renner. He will be joined by Edward Norton, Rachel Weiz, David Strathairn and Stacy Keech.

Evidently, this film has some big name actors, which makes sense considering it's an installment in the hit 'Bourne' movie franchise.

IMDB went on to include a rumored cast member, the former 'Bourne' film star, Matt Damon. There's a chance he might make an appearance in 'The Bourne Betrayal', but then again, that has not been confirmed.

'The Bourne Betrayal' marks the fifth installment to the box office hit film franchise.

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