'Bloodline' Season 3 News: Netflix Cancels Season 3 Due To Financial Constraints, Low Ratings: How True?

Vianne BurogJul 05, 2016 11:34 AM EDT

Despite the high hopes of fans for a third season, it seems that "Bloodline" season 3 is still far from happening.

Since the series wrapped up its season 2, Netflix has not made any announcement about the possibility of another season. Based on reports, there is a high chance that a new season will no longer happen due to financial constraints and the mixed reviews that the previous season got from critics.

While "Bloodline" season 2 did great in terms of its thriller storylines, the production failed to get good reviews from the streaming service. In fact, rumors have been going around that season 3 remains uncertain up to this time due to the lower ratings of season 2.

Critics gave "Bloodline" season 2 lower ratings compared with its forerunner. While season 1 got notably impressive reviews from critics, the succeeding season received pretty low scores from critics despite good reception from the audience. Due to lack of updates about the next season, some speculate that "Bloodline" season 3 has already been cancelled.

Asked for updates about the next installment, showrunner Glenn Kessler said, "Right now we don't know. We have more we want to try to tell. We hope we get picked up. It's between the studio and the network," he said.

There are also speculations that Netflix will not renew the series for its third season unless it has already resolved its issues involving Florida tax incentive.

According to co-creators Todd Kessler, Glenn Kessler and Daniel Zelman, Netflix is currently resolving the issues and the performance of the series. They also expressed their hopes for "Bloodline" season 3.

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