Big Daddy Weave New Album Released, "Redeemed" Tour and K-Love Fan Awards

Brianna BromleyMay 03, 2013 08:50 AM EDT

Big Daddy Weave has just been nominated for "Song of the Year" by K-LOVE fan awards. The Contemporary Christian band was just recently nominated by fans for their song "Redeemed" from their new album Love Come To Life.

The song "Redeemed" is about the struggles and complications that Life hands you, and when a person believes that they can not go on, "Redeemed"  says that to not worry because God has taken away all our struggles and to be happy, because we have all been given a new life. 

Big Daddy Weave new album Love Come To Life released April 17th and is the bands ninth studio album. The band originally started in 1998 in Mobile, Alabama where all the band members attended school. Led by lead singer, Mike Weaver, with strong vocal chords, and talented song writing, the band has grown into a prominent band that is known for its touring and recorded albums.

Love Comes To Life is different from the past albums by adding a pop edge to the bands acoustic folk vibe. With touches of the fiddle and banjo, Big Daddy Weave continues to surprise fans with hints of the electric guitar and keyboard. 

  As summer comes closer, the band is beginning to rap up  their "Redeemed Tour" that began back in February in Wausau, WI. The tour included Pop/rock band Citizen Way and chart-topping artist Chris August during their 38+ city headliner from February through tomorrow. The beginning of their tour was started after the launch of their No.1 single debut " Redeemed", which spent eight weeks at No.1 on the NCA and nine weeks on the AC Monitored Chart.

"What happens every night of the Redeemed Tour is the most special thing we have been apart of, and it just keeps growing". says Mike Weaver. "Were excited to play and be with the wonderful people that we meet in every town. We're also big fans of everybody playing on the tour, so we couldn't ask for anything more. We cant wait to see what God has planned next for us!" 

The band will be showcased during the K-LOVE awards in Nashville on May 31 through June 2.  



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