Big Bang Theory Season 8 Spoilers: Comic Con San Diego Set To Answer Fans' Questions

Alyza Katrina C. TorresJul 14, 2014 01:10 PM EDT

Fans of the hit geek-drama 'Big Bang Theory' will be excited to learn that the show has been confirmed for Season 8 premiere on September 22. The show will offer a treat to its fans by airing two episodes in one night, and according to reports, many of the upcoming installment's details will be revealed during this month's San Diego Comic Con.

The popular show will be back with many changes as reports speculate that one of the main characters will be leaving for good. Sheldon, played by actor Jim Parsons, was rumored to be going away to reassess his direction in life.

Executive Producer Steve Molaro recently teased the fans in his statement with E! News saying that Sheldon "is off riding the rails like a hobo." So rumors flourished that Sheldon may be hopping on a train and won't be returning in the upcoming season.

This made fans anxious, but the show hasn't officially mentioned Sheldon's whereabouts. With that as a possibility, Parsons somehow assured the fans that he will indeed stay, especially with unfinished business concerning his love interest on the show, Amy.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Parsons explained his thoughts on his character's feelings towards Amy, "I would advise Sheldon to do what it takes to keep Amy in his life - seems to me everybody irritates Sheldon at one level or another and, of all the people in his life, she appears to irritate him the least. Added to that fact that Amy seems to love Sheldon (despite everyone else's opinion that she shouldn't), and I just think Sheldon would be well-advised to not play fast and loose with her affection," he said.

Meanwhile, Penny's character played by Kaley Cuoco who will be married this season is expected to be introducing her mother to the show. Reports speculate that she is to be played by 'Friends' star Lisa Kudrow.

While many questions will remain unanswered until Season 8 premieres in September, anxious fans can potentially get some information earlier, during the upcoming July 25 Comic Con.

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