Beyond The Ashes To Release 'Living In The Moment' March 2013

Silvia HrabkovskaDec 14, 2012 10:45 AM EST

Gospel music group Beyond The Ashes will release their new album titled Living In The Moment. Living In The Moment is scheduled to release early next year, March 2013.

Just yesterday, Beyond The Ashes revealed an album cover art for Living In The Moment (see the photo).

Early November 2012, Beyond The Ashes became a part of Stowtown Records when Beyond The Ashes shared on their Facebook page, "We are very excited to be part of the Stowtown Family of artist!"

Beyond The Ashes shared in their newsletter, "This past week we have been in the studio recording our first project with Stow Town Records and we know that you all will love every bit of what it has on there.  It is truly going to be a must buy CD! It will be available on March 5th, but keep a close watch on our website, cause you never know if we might let some slip out a little early."

In September 2012, the group announced a new lead singer after previous lead singer Casey Rivers left the formation. The new lead vocal for Beyond The Ashes became Dustin Doyle.

Anthony Facello, a team leader of the ministry shared, "Change is always a difficult thing. To say goodbye to someone who has become like family means we have to find someone to replace so much more than a singing voice. This can be a real challenge."

Facello continued, "I cannot express how grateful we are that God led Dustin our way. He has an incredible singing voice, but most importantly, he and his wife, Aubrey, have a great heart for serving God. Dustin is fitting in wonderfully. We are so happy to welcome him to BTA!"

Fans of Beyond The Ashes are surely excited to hear new songs featuring BTA's new lead singer.

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