Worship Leader Ben Cantelon and Wife Alice Expecting a Baby

Silvia HrabkovskaJul 06, 2012 12:38 PM EDT

Worship leader, singer and songwriter Ben Cantelon and his lovely wife Alice are expecting a baby.

As a worship leader, it's obvious that Cantelon likes to share the Good news of the Gospel. Apparently he likes to share lots of good news he has in his personal life and thus bring joy to the people around him.  

Grateful father-to-be excited about the baby, Cantelon commented when he heard the sound of the baby's heart on June 8, "Heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time. What an amazing sound! #grateful"

Overjoyed Cantelon exclaimed via his social network on July 2, "I just felt our little baby kick for the first time!!!!"

Cantelon's wife Alice is 20.5 weeks pregnant and her husband just shared a photo of his beautiful wife showing her growing belly at https://twitter.com/#!/bencantelon. The due date is set for November 20, 2012.

Many fans and friends of Cantelon are sharing joyful moments with the couple and support them with kind words.

Cantelon released his Introducing Ben Cantelon [EP] with Kingsway in 2009, and Running After You in 2010. Another full length record Everything in Color was released just May 8, 2012. 

Congratulation to Cantelon's family! Seems like Cantelon's new record and pregnancy news make this world more colorful.  

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