Everyone Dies In Utah Live Interview: New Album, Tour, 2014 Plans

Brianna BromleyNov 30, 2013 10:12 AM EST


    Christian heavy metal band, Everyone Dies In Utah, has recently released their latest album, "Neutral Ground". The band that was formed back in 2008, has continued to spread positive messages, and gain a very large fan base. "Neutral Ground" makes the second debut album from the band with label, Tragic Hero Records, and is said to be the best album thus far. During a recent interview with Everyone Dies In Utah, Breathecast got an exclusive look at the making of their new album, how it is to work with producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, A Skylight Drive, Letter to Kill), and their upcoming plans for 2014. During the interview, Everyone Dies In Utah talks about how the band came together, and how they received the clever title for their heavy metal group. The live interview takes readers into a more personal look at this group, as they simply just want to share peace, and stop hatred amongst their peers. Be sure to check out the live interview below! For more information on Everyone Dies In Utah go here. 


Everyone Dies In Utah formed in 2008. Were you all friends that just so happened to form a band one day? How did the five of you come together?

DM: Yeah pretty much in high school my 9th grade year I went to my first concert and since wanted to start a band but didn't know 
anyone who wanted to do the same. It wasn't till my senior year of high school that I became friends with a couple musicians and
one day just had a practice at my house and then now here we are! 

Tell me about the name. How did 'Everyone Dies In Utah' become the signature name for the band?

DM: Well we were asked to play a battle of the bands when we were first starting and we didn't a name yet, so as a joke we started 
looking through a history text book and just started saying the most random things for our band name, and then someone saw that 
Utah had the highest death rate in America and then BAM "Everyone Dies In Utah" was born!

What do you think each of you bring to the table lyrically and musically?

DM: Lyrically I think we try to write about positivity which is pretty different from a lot of the negative stuff that most people 
write about so its a lot more uplifting in my opinion.

What are your biggest inspirations during the songwriting process?

DM: It really just depends on what I'm writing, +//- was a full story that had each individual messages and then a message at the 
end that kind of just tied the whole story together to have a positive message, but if I'm not writing a story I'm writing about 
life situations or just what the instrumentals make me fee


Tell me about the new album, Neutral Ground.

DM: Well its my first time as the screamer and the singer and with the new lineup, its a CD that deals with a lot of life situations
and just feeling fed up with a lot of whats going on in life, and trying to get people to come together as one, instead of just
spreading hate

It's been nearly a year since your latest album debut. Have you been touring, recording, or just promoting the band during that time?

DM: We toured some, definitely wish we could have done a bit more touring. But the tours we did were pretty great!  

Do you guys have any particular favorites off the new album?

DM: My favorite song which actually started as my least favorite in the studio is "Land of a 1,ooo Kicks"

If you had the chance to perform or work with any artist, who would it be?

DM: I would love to tour with Enter Shikari or The Devil Wears Prada, those 2 band have influenced my music so much.

How is it working with Jim Wirt? Has he taught the band any valuable lessons?

DM: Working with Jim was GREAT! He pushed me as a vocalist and helped me find my voice really. Like I said earlier this is my first time
being the singer as well as being the screamer. So I wasn't sure about singing and when I got into the vocal booth Jim just pushed me and 
I feel made me a much better vocalist. 

What are you guys doing to prepare for the upcoming year? Should fans expect more tours, concerts, possible new album?

DM: Well I don't want to give much away but we are currently working on a cover song, an acoustic version of an older song, and then an EP
that we will be trying to release early next year. As well as a couple tours! 

What do you want fans/listeners to receive from your latest album?

DM: That we are all one and that we should help one another instead of spreading hate, see the world, and chase your dreams.


Lastly, do you have anything to add on the new album? Do you have anything you would like to say to fans or your audience?

DM: I hope you enjoy what we've written and if not no worries maybe you'll like our future stuff, and don't put Twinkies on your pizza, thank you!



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