Avery Road Drops Second Album, ‘Another Song’

Joe BacaronApr 12, 2016 12:52 PM EDT

Avery Road 'Another Song'

(Photo : Avery Road)
Virginia-based Avery Road releases their new album, "Another Song," which is available now for purchase at iTunes and Google Play

Prolific Avery Road lead Jason Burton again has his hands on each cut of the band's newest eleven-track album, "Another Song," produced in Woodruff, South Carolina's Studio 101 and Wade Recording in Virginia.

Burton explained that "Another Song" is "more aggressive" compared to the duo's first self-titled album.

"The music spans different genres, from pop to country to Southern rock. There is even some organic piano playing on the album that is reminiscent of Adele," he said.

Tim Wade chimed in, "We believe songs, such as the title track, which is a song about the Gospel, really gets at the heart of who Avery Road is as an act. On this record, there are songs that offer encouragement and remind the listener that there is hope in the Savior."

Dakota Owen, meanwhile, said that "Another Song" really showcases the mature sound of Avery Road, and how Tim and Jason take turns in making a "unique vocal arrangement."

"All in all, this new album is a hybrid of songs and music meshed together to form Avery Road's signature sound," he said.

Below is the full tracklist of Avery Road's "Another Song":

1. "Another Song"

2. "Your Dreams"

3. "Too Far"

4. "The Truth (Is A Powerful Thing)"

5. "Song of the Redeemed"

6. "Let It Out"

7. "Word and Spirit"

8. "She Knows"

9. "I Remember"

10. "I'm Still Here"

11. "Growing Up Together"

For more information about Avery Road, visit the group's website www.averyroadband.com or their Facebook and Twitter. Their new album, "Another Song" can be purchased via iTunes.

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