'Avatar 2' Movie Plot & News: December 2018 Release Date Revealed?

Joe BacaronNov 30, 2016 10:16 AM EST
20th Century Fox/Avatar In line with James Cameron's sequel to "Avatar," "Avatar 2," new details on the cast and release date have surfaced. These include switching side for Stephen Lan's and Sigourney Weaver's characters.

The "Avatar 2" has finally gotten a release date if the reports are to be believed.

According to Deadline, 20th Century Fox has released some changes in the schedule of the movie premieres. One of the lineup additions was a movie from Lightstorm Entertainment, the studio owned by James Cameron.

The report said that the movie is untitled for now but it's speculated that it could be referring to the "Avatar 2" release date. The succeeding sequels will reportedly be aired in 2020, 2022 and 2023.

The Independent said James Cameron has been quietly working not just on "Avatar 2" but the four final installments.

"We're writing three simultaneously," he said. "And we've done that so that everything tracks throughout the three films. We're not just going to do one and then make up another one and another one after that. And parallel with that, we're doing all the design. So we've designed all the creatures and the environments."

If indeed the release date would be for December 2018, it makes sense considering that the original film was aired in December 2009. Of course, everybody knows what happened. It went on to become the highest grossing franchise of all time.

The box-office gross of the movie was $2.788 million on the strength of the $2.02 billion foreign ticket sales. The second on the list was "Titanic," another James Cameron production, which earned $2.186 billion in the box-office.

There should be some confirmation in the weeks to come regarding the "Avatar 2" release date. We will report any development as soon as they come along.

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