Apple iPad Mini More Popular Than iPad, Numbers Say Yes, iPad 5 & iPad Mini 2 Continue Trend?

Matt LloydMay 03, 2013 09:21 AM EDT

Apple is always looking for new ways to get a consumer to buy a new product by offering new variations.  

The iPad took off when it was released because it was the price was a lot cheaper than a laptop and more portable, but still a much bigger experience than sharing at your phone for certain tasks.  

So the iPad seemed like a perfect middle ground between the phone and laptop.  However, as we said, they are always looking for new variations, so the iPad mini was released.  

I was not sure how well the iPad mini's would do because if you got much smaller than the iPad well then is it worth spending the money on it over just using your phone?

Well, the answer was emphatically, Yes, people would like a middle ground between even a iPhone and iPad.  

The iPad mini has actually surpassed regular iPads according to shipment figures now. Maybe people just order them more, but regardless it shows the impact and value that the iPad mini has brought to Apple.  

Now with the iPad mini 2 coming out, people are getting really excited because there will be some major upgrades.  The iPad mini 2 should have retina display with much higher resolution screen and higher mega-pixel camera.  

If people were buying the iPad mini when its features were behind, then there is no doubt that when the upgraded iPad mini 2 releases, they will sell.

Apple iPad mini 2 release date is still unknown.  

The normal sized iPads are just too big and bulky for some peoples tastes, so the iPad mini looks like it might over take the iPad in the next year.  

Which do you prefer, iPad or iPad mini?  Would you get the iPad mini now or would you wait until the iPad mini 2 is released?



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