Apple iOS 7.1.3 Update Release Date Rumors: iOS 8 Beta Set to Launch With Update?

Chandan DasAug 20, 2014 01:22 PM EDT

If the latest rumors are to be believed, Apple is likely to release iOS 7.1.3 update alongside iOS 8 beta - possibly on the same date, August 18, or the following day.

While nothing is clear regarding the origins of such rumors, they are all over the Twitter, as users are expecting the update to be released by tomorrow.

In fact, users are just hoping that it happens as soon as possible because many of them are facing problems with the current operating system software on their iPads and iPhones.

With the official iOS 8 release date still a month away, some users are eagerly waiting for Apple to release at least another download to fix the current issues plaguing Apple products.

In fact, numerous users have tweeted that they are expecting Apple to release the iOS 7.1.3 update on Aug. 18. Many of them have complained that they are facing battery problems, but it is not clear if they have considered a clean install with a view to augment the battery life of their device.

There are some other users who, instead of expecting the iOS 7.1.3 update release on Monday, are waiting for Apple to release the iOS 8 software, which is expected to come following the beta 6 launch of the Gold Master in September.

Although it may seem to be unusual to see Apple releasing iOS 8 beta 6 update on the same day, it cannot be ruled out entirely.

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