Are Angie Miller & Lazaro Arbos American Idol's Social Media Leaders? Find Out Here!

Matt LloydApr 03, 2013 01:43 PM EDT

"American Idol" airs tonight on FOX as the Top 7 will perform with the hopes of making it into the Top 6 for next week.  

As we look at the contestants social media numbers, if those translate into votes (which isn't always the case) then we have a run away favorite.  

Since the Top 20 started performing in Vegas, Angie Miller has been the leader in Facebook fans and Twitter followers by a large margin and it hasn't slowed down.  

Actually, since the Top 10 began three weeks ago, Angie has boosted her numbers even more, picking up more than three times as many Facebook fans as any other of the remaining contestants and nearly 9,000 more Twitter followers than anyone else.

Coach Jimmy Iovine has been harping on Angie to change things about the way she sings and performs, but fans seem to be drawn to what she's doing.  Miller did have her worst showing last week but it hasn't seemed to effect her status.  

Second behind Miller is Lazaro Arbos, who has more than doubled his Twitter followers since joining the Top 10 show.  Even with a few sub par performances Arbos is still second in Facebook fans as well behind Miller.

Candice Glover is gaining ground Miller and Arbos as she keeps turning in great performances week after week.  Glover has moved up from number six to number three among the Top 7 among Facebook fans and from number six to number four among Twitter followers and gaining ground.  

Here is a break down of the Facebook numbers as of this morning (they will constantly be fluctuating) 

Angie Miller: 53,597 

Lazaro Arbos: 13,390 

Candice Glover: 12,115 

Janelle Arthur: 7,493 

Kree Harrison: 7,193 

Amber Holcomb: 2,648 

Burnell Taylor: 2,473 

Here are the recent Twitter numbers:

Angie Miller: 78,423 

Lazaro Arbos: 54,681

Kree Harrison: 36,712

Candice Glover: 33,745

Burnell Taylor: 32,915 

Janelle Arthur: 25,229 

Amber Holcomb: 18,794 

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