Angela Miller Sails Into American Idol’s Top 20

Andrea Williams Feb 22, 2013 11:13 AM EST

As one of American Idol's frontrunners, Angela Miller easily moved into the competition's Top 20.

Miller first broke away from the pack last week, with the performance of her original song, "You Set Me Free." Since the show aired, the YouTube video of the performance has picked up more than 1 million views, certifying Miller as one to definitely watch.

Even following her rendition of Jessie J's "Nobody's Perfect" on Wednesday of this week, two of the judges couldn't resist mentioning her previous showing.

"I love you Angie," said Nicki Minaj, "but you know nothing is going to compare to that last performance of your original song. You blew me away."

And Mariah Carey added, "I just want the world to have a chance to hear ["You Set Me Free"] because you had me clothed in goosebumps and bathed in tears with that song."

Going forward, it will be interesting to see if Miller chooses to sing more songs that display her faith. In an interview with BREATHEcast last month, Idol alum Colton Dixon discussed the hesitation of producers to showcase competitors' faith.

"You could tell with editing and TV time that they didn't like Jesus being thrown around all over the network," Dixon said when asked whether the producers had asked him to tone down the Christian "stuff."

American Idol airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 8 pm EST/7 pm CST on Fox.


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