Andrew Peterson's New Easter Album 'Resurrection Letters, Vol. I' Out March 30; Its 'Prologue' Out This Friday Feb. 9

Marcus Lundin Feb 07, 2018 11:34 AM EST
Andrew PetersonCover for Andrew Peterson's 2018 album 'Resurrection Letters, Vol. I.'

Recording artist, songwriter, producer, filmmaker, publisher, and award-winning author of The Wingfeather Saga series, Andrew Peterson is releasing his new music recording Resurrection Letters, Vol. I on March 30. The album, ten years in the making, will be preceded by the release of Resurrection Letters: Prologue which comes out this Friday, Feb. 9, and is available to download or stream here.

Resurrection Letters, Vol. I is the follow-up prequel to Peterson's 2008 Resurrection Letters, Vol. II and is again produced by Ben Shive. The new project centers on the resurrected Christ and His centrality to Christianity, with Peterson hoping to bring listeners to a place of gratitude, awe, and love for God.

Releasing just in time for Easter, Peterson says about the new project, "My dream for Resurrection Letters, Vol. I is that it would be the kind of record people turned up to eleven on Easter Sunday, when Christians all over the world celebrate something that happened-it really happened-two millennia ago."

"But it felt odd writing about Christ's victory over death without spending at least some time on his death itself," Peterson explains. "That led to the idea of Resurrection Letters: Prologue... In the spirit of Lent, the season of fasting that precedes Easter, we put together Prologue, a collection of five songs that take us from the last words of Jesus on the cross to his interment in the tomb. And then comes the long wait for Sunday morning."

"The hope proclaimed by Scripture is that Jesus, now at the right hand of the Father, is making all things new-and that includes you and me and all of creation," says Peterson. "My hope is that these songs would wake up a bright longing in peoples' hearts for the coming kingdom, for our resurrection, prefigured in Christ's."

The two new projects consist of the most congregational songs Peterson has ever recorded and will be available as digital-only releases, though a physical-only Deluxe Edition that combines the two projects will also be available.

The full track listings to Resurrection Letters, Vol. I and Resurrection Letters: Prologue follows below:

Resurrection Letters: Prologue

1) Last Words (Tenebrae)

2) Well Done Good and Faithful

3) The Ninth Hour

4) Always Good

5) God Rested

Resurrection Letters, Vol. I

1) His Heart Beats

2) Risen Indeed

3) Remember Me

4) I've Seen Too Much

5) Remember and Proclaim

6) Maybe Next Year

7) Rise Up

8) Is He Worthy

9) All Things Together

For more information about Peterson, visit his website, Facebook or Twitter. The new album can be 

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