Andrew Peterson's Easter Album 'Resurrection Letters, Vol I' Available For Pre-order Now; New Music Video For "Is He Worthy?"

Marcus Lundin Mar 17, 2018 06:58 PM EDT
Andrew Peterson/GILES CLEMENT

Multi-faceted, Dove Award-nominated recording artist, songwriter and award-winning author Andrew Peterson is releasing his much-anticipated album Resurrection Letters, Vol I on March 30. Ahead of the Easter release, fans can pre-order the album now at most digital platforms, including iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Google Play, all available here.

Peterson says about the heart behind his new album, which is the most congregational he has ever recorded, "My dream for Resurrection Letters, Vol. I is that it would be the kind of record people turned up to eleven on Easter Sunday, when Christians all over the world celebrate something that happened-it really happened-two millennia ago."

The new album features songs such as "I've Seen Too Much," "His Heat Beats," and "Is He Worthy," which on Friday became the first to receive the music video treatment.

The video for "Is He Worthy" was filmed at Scarritt Bennett's Wightman Chapel in Nashville and is shot in one continuous take, meant to add visual beauty and simple elegance to serve the message of the song. Instruments are introduced fluidly as the song's message is presented in the video.

"The word 'liturgy' means 'the work of the people,' so a liturgical service implies community-not just listening to a pastor (though that happens) but edifying one another by reaffirming what we believe again and again. I wanted to write a song that did the same," says Peterson regarding the impetus behind "Is He Worthy."

"Revelation 5 contains one of the most beautiful and dramatic scenes in scripture, and is centered around the question, 'Is anyone worthy?'" continues Peterson. "The resounding answer is, 'Yes! And his name is Jesus.' That's what this whole album is about."

For those unable to wait until March 30, Peterson's Resurrection Letters: Prologue is out now, a collection of five "waiting songs" meant to remind listeners of the "gravity of the crucifixion, and to pique longing for the moment when morning breaks and Christ triumphs over the grave." The prologue can be downloaded or streamed now here.

For more information about Peterson and his upcoming projects and tour dates, please visit his official website, Facebook, and Twitter. You can watch the music video for "Is He Worthy" below:

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