American Idol: Angie Miller Sings "Anyone Who Had A Heart" See What Judges Say!

Matt LloydApr 10, 2013 08:34 PM EDT

"American Idol" was back on FOX tonight with the Top 6.  Angie Miller opened up the night singing "Anyone Who Had A Heart"by Burt Bacharach/Dionne Warwick.  

This is the first performance of the night, but each singer performs two songs tonight so Angie will be back. 

Here is what the judges had to say. Keith Urban said not to rely on the voice alone and that He doesn't always feel the passion. Nicki said Angie's voice is amazing, but she doesn't feel the passion on her performance this time. Randy agreed with Nicki but thought the second verse was an improvement. Mariah said her pronunciation was too perfect, whatever that means? She used the proper style for this song. The judges appear to think similarly about her performance. 

Angie sounded amazing tonight, despite the critics.  

Angie was announced as being in the top 3 last week. She was also in the top 3 in the Top 10. It appears that she and Kree are the top 2 voter favorites. So the predicition is that Miller will easily advance to next week's Top 5. 

What did you think of her first performance tonight?

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