American Idol 2013 Finale Episode Review, American Idol Tour Preview, & Candice Glover Video with Jennifer Hudson

Brandon HaysMay 27, 2013 09:47 AM EDT

American Idol 2013 has finally come to a close, and what a close it was. This most recent season saw what was potentially the highest quality group of singers yet. And the finale was no disappointment. American Idol started the long-awaited finale with this season's top 10. It's always nice to see the Top 10. It's amazing to see all of the faces who seemed so significant just weeks ago but had quickly become distant memories as the episodes passed us by. They gave America a preview of what the upcoming American Idol Tour will look like, with a rendition of "I'm Glad You Came." It was a fun way to start the show, but in true American Idol form, we were no where close to announcing the winner.

So, we'll cut to the chase. The winner of American Idol 2013 is:


Kree Harrison, the powerful, soulful country singer, is the runner-up. For the most part, this was not a surprise; most of us (except Candice herself, as she told Entertainment Weekly) figured Candice would ultimately win. Both ladies were incredible, but Candice Glover has the diva qualities that harken great singers from days gone by. She is destined for success.

And even though it wasn't a very suspenseful finale, it was a very emotional one. Tears flowed from current and past contestants and family members. After finally understanding that Ryan Seacrest was indeed calling her name, Candice Glover truly gave into the emotion of the night. Hats off to both ladies, however. They brought us one of the best season finales yet. Well done, Candice and Kree!

Candice Glover is releasing her debut album, Music Speaks (featuring the single "I Am Beautiful"), on July 16. You can pre-order it at her official website,

Check out this video of Candice Glover and Jennifer Hudson singing "Inseparable" from the American Idol Finale.


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