Amazon Kindle E-Reader Black Friday Deals: Now Is The Best Time To Buy Voyage And Paperwhite Readers?

Joe BacaronNov 27, 2016 11:15 AM EST

Amazon is offering Kindle E-reader deals in time for the holiday weekend.

For the 6-inch Kindle Voyage E-reader with high-resolution display, Amazon knocked off $30 from the original price of $199.99. Also, customer gets free shipping.

The features of the Voyage E-reader includes the PagePress sensor, which allows the user to turn the page without swiping at the screen, adaptive front light which adjusts for brightness or lack thereof as well as a long-lasting battery.

The Amazon offer for Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader includes a $20 discount on the $119.99 list price, including free shipping. This one is available in both black and white color. The display is 300ppi as well as built-in adjustable light allowing you to read on daytime or night.

The screen also has no glare even under the sun. The battery will last for weeks while you get access to a million books for just $2.99 or less. Amazon Prime members, meanwhile, will get to read free thousands of titles for free.

There's also an exciting deal for the Amazon Kindle E-reader with touchscreen display. From the original price of $79.99, you can buy the gadget for just $49.99, which already includes free shipping. The gadget promises to be easy on the eyes because the screen reads like real paper.

Among the Amazon deals is free trial for Kindle E-reader for one month, along with access to more than 1 million titles, for free. You can return the device if you don't like it with no charge at all.

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