Amazon Adds ComiXology Buy Button To Certain Comic Book Listings

Joliza B. MagdaongJan 30, 2016 04:53 PM EST

The world wide book store Amazon just recently added a button that will allow the comic fans and graphic novelist to shop online. With its newest "ComiXology" button, comic fanatics will have now a place to shop with.

According to Techtimes, with the add up ComiXology button, user will find it easy to use the app since it is user- friendly. The report said that with the use of the button, one will allow to have better apps for online book sale shopping as Amazon offers a wide deal of comic books to the public. With this commentary from the majority, shoppers would have to agree that ComiXology powered by Amazon is better than other book app such as native Kindle.

Amazon started to purchase different comic book for online availability. Some critics would have to agree that Amazon did the right thing as book lovers preferred different books including the comics.

On the other hand, Techtimes listed some of Amazon's list of comic books that are now available online, including the Walking Dead and Saga. The availability of the Walking Dead in Amazon was confirmed by comiXology vice president of marketing Chip Mosher in a Tweet.

Meanwhile, Amazon reassured the public that once everything is settled, they will add more comic books for the public to choose with. They also intend to merge with other sites that provide comic book copies such as Kindle. They hope to produce the Japanese Manga soon. An email will be sent to every Amazon's client once more comic books will be available.

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