Amanda Bynes’ New Cheek Piercing

Eric Day Jan 17, 2013 01:09 PM EST

Retired actress Amanda Bynes surfaced online January 14th with a wide grin and new look. On Tumblr via her Twitter account, she posted photos of her in a car with bleached blonde hair, a blue blouse and a new piercing in her left cheek.

Not to be confused with other out-of-work former child stars, a-la Lindsey Lohan, Bynes says she's doing "amazing." Last year she told People magazine she's retired from acting and moved to New York to launch her fashion line and new career.

The move to New York has undoubtedly sparked some interest stories about her. There's one popular account of her walking around a New York tanning salon completely naked aside from the protective goggles over her eyes.

Some speculate that she moved to get away from some of the problems surrounding her recent unlawful activity. In 2012, she was involved in two car accidents in April and August that she is still awaiting trial for.

The "Easy A" and "Hairspray" star also received a DUI in June, and was involved in two hit-and-runs last September. She's a, not one, but two time offender of driving with a suspended license and to top it off was caught and photographed smoking what appears to be a pipe in her car.

Needless to say the 26 year-old, multi-millionaire is overdue for a make over. I just hope she's not driving and taking pics of her self at the same time. That would just be downright irresponsible. 



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