After 2-Year Hiatus, Decyfer Down Drops New Album 'The Other Side of Darkness'

Joe BacaronApr 05, 2016 12:48 PM EDT

Decyfer Down’s “The Other Side Of Darkness” is set to be released on Apr. 1.

(Photo : TWITTER/@DecyferDown)
Along with its city tour in 39 cities, Christian rock band Decyfer Down is set to release its new album “The Other Side Of Darkness” this first second quarter of 2016.

Decyfer Down released its latest studio album, "The Other Side of Darkness," after a two-year break, an eternity for the rock band's legions of fans.

Apart from the release, there's even more good news as the band, comprising TJ Harris, Brandon Mills, Chris Clonts, Benjamin Millhouse and Chriss Furr, will be touring with Seventh Day Slumber, Disciple, Children 18:3 and Spoken for the City Rock Fest 2016 at the start of April.

Decyfer Down's latest album, "The Other Side of Darkness," has already received a lot of praise from several outlets, with Echo Asylum describing how listening to the songs was an "out of body experience."

CCM Magazine added, "Decyfer Down makes a bold, authentic and endlessly compelling case that God's love can truly trump any degree of darkness."

TJ Harris, meanwhile, talked about the theme of Decyfer Down's new album "The Other Side of Darkness" to

"We've always written songs from life experiences, but at the same talk about how Christ has brought us out of these things," he said. "It's not so much that they're dark, but they seem dark when you listen to them."

"With this record, we want people to listen to it and walk away knowing that God is love and there is hope in Jesus Christ. We've always tried to relay that message to people and portray that in our lives."

Brandon Mills, meanwhile, said that after a two-year break, they feel replenished in making their new album.

 "We are just enjoying the whole process again," he said.

For more information about Decyfer Down's new album, "The Other Side of Darkness," as well as the full schedule of the City Rock Fest 2016 tour, go to or

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