Actress Andrea Logan White Shares Story Of God's Redemption Through Brokenness

Press ReleaseAug 17, 2017 12:31 PM EDT
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Andrea Logan White is best recognized from her starring roles in films that include Mom's Night Out (with Patricia Heaton) and Do You Believe? (with Sean Astin). She is married to actor David AR White, founding partner of Pure Flix - the No. 1 indie faith film studio in the world (God's Not Dead film series). 

From the outside, Andrea seemed to have it all together but the truth she hid was a life filled with loneliness and self-destruction. Until she fully surrendered her life to the Lord at a stoplight one desperate day while living in Hollywood.

When she was 12 years old her parents divorced. Her dad moved away and her mom was consumed with work and men. She shares her incredible and brave journey in her new book that includes:

1) The Fragile Spirit of a Girl - Andrea's childhood insecurities and self-labels (unworthy, weak, insignificant) unknowingly set her on a path of self-destruction of experimenting with drugs, boys, and a life-threatening eating disorder (weighing 78 pounds at 18 yers old).

2) Chasing the Wrong Dream: Andrea boldly reveals the wrong choices (and what motivated her) in her pursuit to become an actress. She tried to fill her emptiness while lured by the dark side of Hollywood that included compromising jobs, parties at the Playboy Mansion (Hugh Hefner provided a limo for her to get to church once), drugs/alcohol and dating the rich & famous.

3) The Beauty of Brokenness: After becoming a Christian, Andrea found happiness in a relationship with the Lord, becoming a wife, mom, and actress in inspirational films. But she faced new challenges that included a miscarriage, a reoccurrence of another eating disorder and debilitating health challenges. She discovered that God can work best through the broken and unfinished areas of our lives... that we are not called to perfection but to humility and surrender.

4) Still "Perfectly Unfinished" - Andrea can discuss keeping a balance between caring for herself, her husband and their three young children. Dealing with the yearning to be perfect, mommy-guilt and learning to ask others for help. Encouragement for others sharing the same private painful journey.

Here is a link to her testimony:

The official web site is www.andrealoganwhite and Twitter: @aloganwhite

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