Actor & Evangelist Kirk Cameron Embarks on Family Action Book; 'Kill the Dragon, Get The Girl' Releases Full Theatrical Trailer [VIDEO]

Jeannie LawOct 02, 2015 10:52 AM EDT

In partnership with Canon Press, actor Kirk Cameron presents a new book titled 'Kill the Dragon, Get the Girl'.

In a recent Facebook post the former 'Growing Pains' actor said he was approached by his kids to make something that would be fun for them. So a very enthusiastic Cameron embarked on a book and movie trailer. Check it out below:

In 'Kill the Dragon, Get the Girl' Lacy is the sole survivor of a freak accident that took eleven of her friends and the use of her legs. It left her with night terrors, and though no one will say it to her face, people think she might have gone a little crazy. Lacy's younger brother Tommy has no such problems, although having the largest vocabulary in his class and being constantly preoccupied with medieval weaponry comes with its own set of difficulties. But when Lacy and Tommy and their friend Wayne (big belt buckle, big hat, wishes he could do two hundred pull ups) are forced to confront a suspicious recluse named Verdell Graham, things go from bad to worse. The kids are sucked into an adventure that challenges their perception of reality and demands that they face what they fear most, alone.

According to, now a motion picture, 'Kill the Dragon, Get the Girl' is a wild and snaky book written for the whole family. Stating that "It's full of fire and brimstone and pepperoni pizza" and "you won't want to miss it."

Cameron said, "Excellent book! packed with adventure, fast moving, full of biblical truth, fun and intriguing characters. Home run!"

'Kill the Dragon, Get the Girl' is set to release October 20th and is intended for ages 7 - 16.To read and excerpt from the book click HERE.

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